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March 09 2018

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Salmon Can Be Superior to Other Proteins in a Variety of Important Ways

Everyone needs to eat to survive, and decisions regarding what particular people consume inevitably have far-reaching impacts. Eating unhealthful foods for many years can lead to personal health problems including obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Likewise do the foods that people choose to eat also have effects on the broader environment.

Recognition of these facts has been spreading steadily for many years. Certain food producers today have committed to doing everything possible to make progress on both the individual and environmental fronts. As those who visit https://globalsalmoninitiative.org/ will see, for example, sustainable salmon farms worldwide are now making an especially healthful form of food available in environmentally responsible ways.

Food That Benefits Individual People Without Causing Unnecessary Harm to the Environment

Some types of food production are notoriously wasteful and cause outsize impacts on the environment. Just about everyone will have heard, for example, how raising cattle to produce beef uses a great deal of resources and releases harmful greenhouse gases.

In quite a few cases, problematic issues like these are coupled with undeniable dangers to the particular people who consume too much of such foods. In addition to the shared, environmental damage that beef production can cause, eating fat-rich red meat too often can endanger the health of individual consumers.

On the other hand, there are also foods which perform better of both of these important respects. Many people now understand, for example, that fish often turns out to be an especially beneficial form of protein with regard to its effects on human health. Rich in heart-protecting omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is an especially striking example of this fact.

Certified Adherence with All the Current Best Practices

At the same time, salmon can also be raised such that it ends up being one of the most environmentally friendly ways to produce animal-based protein. Compared to alternatives like beef production, salmon farming can be superior with regard to:

Feed conversion. It takes many pounds of feed to produce a single serving of beef, and that is always wasteful. By contrast, salmon convert the food they are provided with much more efficiently into satisfying nutrition for human beings.

Environmental impact. Whereas cattle raised to produced beef emit tons of methane and other problematic substances, properly farmed salmon hardly affect the environment at all.

A visit to the website hosted by GSI to learn more will show that there are ways to be sure of making the most of these advantages. Looking for an ASC certification when buying farmed salmon will ensure an environmentally and personally responsible choice.

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